Friday, November 21, 2008

How Asero helped Rhian in La Lola

Pagkatapos makilala as 'Leah' sa 'Captain Barbell' ng dalawang taon, Rhian Ramos is glad na siya ay na nare-recognize na ngayon as Lola, her first title role. "When I go to the malls, no one calls me anything else now, everyone forgot Leah from "Captain Barbell!" kwento niya sa iGMA.

Gaining confidence
Inamin ng aktres na kinabahan siya nang malaman niyang siya ang gaganap bilang Lola, pero nakatulong ang mga workshop na pinuntahan nila ng cast. "When we did our first workshop together, naging mas kampante ako. Sabi ko, ‘Okay, we all look like we have pretty good chemistry together.’ It's amazing how this cast gets along. We come from all walks of life, age groups, but we really get along together. It's nice how pretty much lahat kami binagayan yung role. It's cool [that] the characters all have a piece of us in them," she shares.

Syempre, naging mas confident si Rhian nang lumabas ang ratings ng primetime show niya. "I read the script, and then at first you think, ‘Wow it's nice, but can I pull it off?’ So when [we] finally started taping, we were so proud of the ratings that we got, and then we've been proud of how the show's been going on…We haven't been beaten, and we're very happy about the response that we got about the show."

Thanks to Claire!
Rhian shares that her character Claire in Codename: Asero helped her a lot para maka-adjust sa role niya sa La Lola. Kung matatandaan niyo, si Claire ang makulit na anak ni Apollo (Ramon Christopher) na na-in love kay Asero (Richard Gutierrez).

"I think, in a way, that was a really good warm up for La Lola, because that was my first light, funny, pang-asar na role lang. Because most of my roles have either been damsel in distress or something severe! I've never really been just prancing around, being all 'Yihee!' You know, pang-asar lang?

"I don’t think I would've been as comfortable with Lola if it weren't for Claire. Even if it was so short a time that I played Claire, it was a big help. It really eased me into it."

Ikinuwento sa kanya ng kanyang dad na naka-base sa Dubai na maraming nanonood ng La Lola doon. "My dad he has this really annoying thing that he does. He has my picture in his wallet, so every time he goes to some restaurant, he opens his wallet and then he pays, makes sure that it's facing everyone, and [since] there are so many Filipinos in Dubai, they're like, 'Sir, you like Rhian Ramos? That's so weird!' And he [says], 'She's my daughter.' [Sinasabi naman noong mga kausap niya], 'Oh my God, pa-picture!' He loves that! It's so [funny]!" Rhian exclaims with a laugh.

"His favorite stores already know [about me]. So every time he goes back, they tell him, sir, we watch La Lola! And I just wanna go see the people he's met because of that! And balita ko maraming nanonood ng La Lola doon." Ayon kay Rhian, balak niyang bumisita sa Dubai ngayong Pasko para makasama ang father niya.

- Jason John S. Lim,