Monday, November 17, 2008

Heart Evangelista, beautiful and emotional

Heart Evangelista is, of course, beautiful. This is precisely why Preview magazine chose her to grace the cover of its Beauty Special this November.

Preview describes her beauty as an "Oriental brand of elfin," characterized by chinita eyes and a flawless skin that elicit raves from no less than Bobbi Brown's regional director for artistry Sebastian Tardif, who does her makeup for the cover shoot.

"My main inspiration for her look today is her skin, it is just so flawless," Sebastian says. "She has nice open eyes and a generous lashline as well. Three coats of mascara and all of a sudden... boom!"

It almost seems unbelievable that she maintains such a simple beauty regimen. Heart tells Preview, "I just cleanse and moisturize around my eyes before going to bed."

But what makes Heart more beautiful nowadays is the candor with which she presents herself to the public. She arrives at the Preview cover shoot armed with a diary of answers to all of Preview's questions. "I really wanted to answer your questions well, to think about them," she tells the Preview team earnestly.

True enough, as the Preview team leafs through pages and pages of exclamation points, underlined and capitalized phrases all in Heart's own handwriting, it is clear just how much thought she has given to every question.

Preview lifts from that diary, which Heart has made out of the magazine's questions, to give readers a picture of just how emotional she really is. As she writes about the lowest point in her life and peppers it with much emphasis, it gives an idea of how wrung her feelings were during one period of her life.

She writes, "All of a sudden everything in my life changed. My career was just about DEAD, and my personal life was a DISASTER. I would wallow in self-pity. I lost my family. I lost my love and passion for life. I thought it was the end of the world."

Showbiz also reared its ugly head as Heart faced scrupulous scrutiny from the public that once adored her. "I toyed with the idea of leaving before it destroyed me," she says, "but I refused to leave the industry that way."

With her career back in full swing, it looks like Heart is not leaving just yet. "It's really what I love. The passion is really there," she says, "I'm just not over it yet, I feel it, that there's so much more to give."

Read more about Heart Evangelista in the November issue of Preview magazine, now available in newsstands and bookstores nationwide.